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Tall Pine Landscaping

The TPL Academy produces the finest landscapers grass and brick have ever seen. Hands made of steal and backs stronger than a muel, these boys get the job done! 


“Its really very amazing how fast the gentlemen from TPL completed my project. I was so happy with the attention to detail and how clean my new back yard BBQ looked. I am already planning my next TPL project.”

“I was so indecisive to what I wanted in my small back yard until TPL showed me what could be done. They made my patio feel so inviting and spacious I never want to leave it.”

so much multch, so little time. As usual, my gardens look fantastic.  Every spring I get the boys from TPL to freshen up my gardens. Thank you TPL!"

TPL is 

About the TPL Academy

The TPL Academy is the training program that all employees must complete. We teach our philosphies, techniques, and professionalism that shows in the final product. The Academy is what makes TPL stand out from the rest.

Want to join the TPL Team? The Academy is held annually every spring to prepare and train our employees before the busy season. Send us a message below and we will start the application process.